Using Logic, Man Attacks Rihanna Out of Hatred for Chris Brown

While clubbing in London last night, Rihanna was injured when a man "enraged" by her reunion with King Scumbag Chris Brown threw a bottle of Lucozade (think British Gatorade) at her. She fell to the ground and cut her leg, but was otherwise unhurt. » 2/17/13 5:49pm 2/17/13 5:49pm

Controversial Gun Raffles to Take Place in New Hampshire, North Dakota

Turns out "gun raffle" isn't just a folksy term for Russian roulette. The New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police will give away a gun a day in May, with the proceeds from ticket sales to defray the cost of police cadet training. In North Dakota, a youth hockey league will raffle off 200 guns as a fundraiser… » 2/17/13 3:15pm 2/17/13 3:15pm

Maker's Mark Won't Dilute Their Bourbon After All

Last week, Maker's Mark faced a public backlash after announcing they would lower the alcohol content of their whiskey to meet increased demand with a limited supply (read: they think you can't handle your liquor and it's starting to get really embarrassing for all of us). They changed their minds in a Facebook post » 2/17/13 1:45pm 2/17/13 1:45pm

13,200 Boxes of Unsold, Perfectly Delicious Girl Scout Cookies…

Just when you thought the Boy Scouts of America had a monopoly on organizational misbehavior, CBS Los Angeles discovered a video showing more than 13,000 boxes of unsold, unexpired Girl Scout cookies knowingly trashed last May. How many innocent Thin Mints have to die to satisfy your corporate greed? » 2/16/13 4:30pm 2/16/13 4:30pm

Not to Be Outdone by Russia, California Gets Its Own Fireball in the Sky

Between the meteor (meteorite? meteoroid? meteorologist?) explosion over Russia and a close-flying asteroid that doesn't respect personal space, it wasn't a particularly relaxing Friday for the planet Earth. Things got even weirder last night when Bay Area residents spotted a mysterious fireball streaking across the… » 2/16/13 1:00pm 2/16/13 1:00pm

Lance Armstrong Investigation Dropped, Livestrong Bracelets Everywhere…

Yesterday, the U.S. attorney's office put an end to a two-year investigation into Lance Armstrong's potential performance-enhancing drug use. After surviving testicular cancer, Armstrong won the Tour de France seven years in a row between 1999 and 2005 (or, as we called it in 2003, the Tour de Freedom). » 2/04/12 5:02am 2/04/12 5:02am

Pippa Middleton Sees Your Buckingham Palace, Raises You Hogwarts

As Gawker's self-styled Foreign Correspondent—I'm expecting an engraved ivory deskplate via International FedEx any minute now—I'll start you off with news from Great Britain, a country so great it tells you so right in its name. (I'm all for taking a red pen to the Constitution and refashioning ourselves as the… » 2/04/12 2:02am 2/04/12 2:02am